Water Storage

To collect that precious rainwater, cisterns need to be installed. Once the water storage is in place, it can also be used as holding tank for well water or delivered water.

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Water Treatment

In order to make water potable for household use, it needs to be filtered. First line of defense are the "Big Blue" filters. The more in a row you have, the finer the water can be filtered down.

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Maintenance of your System

Rainwater is collected on roofs. Those surfaces will also collect dirt and debris. To prevent all that dirt to get into the cistern in the first place, the collecting surface needs to be kept clean.

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Rainwater Harvesting - More in Vogue Than Ever

Water is an issue world-wide.

More and more people want to take advantage of the plentiful amount of rain the Westcoast gets every year. Local laws are changing and the use of rainwater as potable water source is now permitted in more areas if guidelines are being followed.

Let the professionals at Livingsprings Water Company set you up with your own rainwater collection system. We do everything from design, ground preparation to installation. We can advise you on everything from the correct roof, appropriate gutters, the correct piping to cistern placement and ground preparation. Doing complete turn-key setups is what we specialize in.

Our  qualified team has been providing quality installations since 2007. 

We will be happy to supply you with references and show you our recent work.

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Image of Cistern install besides house

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Don't let that precious water go to waste any longer! Contact us today, to get the ball rolling & the rain collecting.